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Month: February 2017

Little Packets of Hope

Little Packets of Hope

A couple of posts ago I was wittering on about a Seed Exchange event at the weekend. Well, I gathered up 8 packets of my seeds to exchange and took them along and came home with these instead.

Little packets of hope

I’ve never grown any of these so it should be an interesting learning curve. These are a few of the seeds that were available. If you didn’t have any to swap, you could choose what you wanted and leave a donation. Very generous system.

Seeds on offer

Some general pics – I did like the Seed Swap signs – very clever.



And then there was the food! All beautifully laid out in the little pop-up cafe. I could have spent the afternoon there stuffing my face, but I controlled my cravings and went for a coffee and a raspberry and white chocolate cookie instead.

Organic Temptations
More Organic Temptations!

The Seed Swap people were also giving away old copies of Organic Gardening magazines so I helped myself to this little lot.


Organic Way Magazines

So, £2 to get in, £2.50 for eats – total of £4.50 spend and I’m putting that all down to a very nice experience and chats with some very knowledgeable people. A lovely way to spend an afternoon in Winter.


L xx

An Invasion, but Sadly Not by Daleks

An Invasion, but Sadly Not by Daleks

If you squint very, very hard and have also had a couple of drinks it does look vaguely like Daleks have taken up residence on my allotment.

Fake Daleks

But no, the reality (remember the Dr Who episode with the Dalek Reality Bomb?) is they are bin bags full and half full of horse manure patiently waiting for me to be brave, open them up and tip out the contents and take up muck spreading. I have to do this really quickly now to get it into the soil before the sowing season. I get little thrills now and then when I think of harvesting my own organically growing veggies and fruit instead of harvesting at my local supermarket.

Fake Daleks who’ve moved slightly…honest!

However…….last night in the interests of frugality and maintaining ownership of most of the money in my purse I did do a Yellow Sticker shop at said supermarket. I came home with this little lot

Yellow Stickered Shopping

All marked down with the exception of the sugar which was a regular buy. Total cost £1.87, it did come to £1.89 but because I bought 3 x veg I got the “Buy 2 and get 3rd free” offer and got 2p refunded. Sorry about quality of pic, my hand was still quivering with excitement at the price. Loads of soups and stews will be created now.

I’ve been YS shopping before and sometimes it can be a bit of a scrum, but last night was great. Just a few people waiting and no barging etc. Loads of storytelling and jokes. One lovely man who knows I’m a vegetarian was handing me out all the veggie ready meals at 2p each! My kind of shopping!

I have to dedicate this post to Ilona – it was by reading her brilliant blog I first found out about it. Her latest entry is pure frugality and practicality combined. Well worth a read.

Gong back to the Daleks, I’ve seen compost bins turned into them. Note to self – add this to the ‘weird’ list


L xx