Me, squeezed into a couple of sentences!

Creatively Confused
I’m happy to write that I’m a Cancer Survivor having made it through the terrors of chemo & radiotherapy. The illness has taught me to value life and to live each minute fully.
I’m also a professional personal shopper and slave to Poppy my elderly pussycat, a family of extremely bright Herring Gulls & most of the bird population of Europe.
Unwilling Model
I’m a lover of all wildlife especially Sharks and Wolves and cannot bear cruelty to any animal. I’m also determined to adopt a Border Collie as I have a bit of a thing about them and have fond memories of my childhood Collie, the adorable Prince.
When I’m not patting dogs or catering for my cat I write, craft and take photographs for editorial publication.
Oh, and did I mention I’m a lifelong fan of Dr Who! Have been since 1723.
Linda xxx

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