Happy New 2017, to me really as I am probably the only one reading this blog!

As there is nothing really going on on my allotment I thought I would take you on a tour of the other plots. And also to show you my latest harvest which consists primarily of one hard potato dug up a couple of weeks ago! Here is the little darling – totally inedible of course.

Small potato

But cute!

I thought this was a brilliant shed – the ‘wheels’ are made from pie dishes with a circle painted round them. Very effective and clever.

This is fabulous too – modern art on the allotment!


Giant spade on allotment2-small

Two pumpkins together on a love seat!


Love seat on allotment-small

Japanese Onions shoots4-small

And here we have my Japanese Onions poking their little shoots above the soil. My first produce!

More soon!


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