It’s Getting There!

It’s Getting There!


A bit more cleared – I’ve removed the rubbish from my allotment and I’m now in the process of digging the whole thing over and also getting rid of the rotting wood of the raised beds just in front of my shed. I’ve pruned (brutally, according to some other allotment owners) the two apple trees and a gooseberry bush in front of them. There was so much rubbish in front of them that until I cleared it I didn’t realise I actually had 2 apple trees and the gooseberry bush. I’m currently waiting on a pruning saw from the allotment association so I can “brutally” prune the pear tree. I’ve also discovered some rhubarb so that’s going to get moved down in front of the fruit trees at the bottom of my plot as that whole area will be for fruit. In fact I think I’m going to be more of a fruit girl than a veggie girl.

Fruit trees on allotment
Brutally pruned Apple trees
shed on allotment
Rubbish around my cute little shed cleared

When I’ve finished the digging over and soil conditioning – that’s muck spreading in reality I’ll work out what will go where. I have to say I will buck the trend of straight lines and hope to make my plot curvaceous. The centre will be marked by a tall wigwam supporting sweetpeas of course and there will be a whirly thing of some type at the top with cds hanging off it. They’ll be glued back to back so they will be shiny on both sides and then I’ll hotfix rhinestones on to them in flower shapes.  I have this idea of rescuing hub caps from the side of the road and adorning them the same way and fixing them to the bottom of my shed to give the impression of wheels.  There’ll be cup and saucer bird feeders hanging from the shed as well. I’ve read the terms and conditions and I think I can only have an above the ground pond but no matter I do intend to have one near the shed with a little flat gravelled area beside it so in the summer I can put a chair (upcycled of course) on it and enjoy cool summer drinks and entertain passing allotment owners. Hopefully I’ll acquire an “eccentric” reputation.

I may be asking for cordless power tools for Christmas, it’s Black Friday tomorrow so I might have a look online first.  Power drill, jigsaw, screwdriver and maybe a little lawnmower for keeping the paths trimmed. I met my immediate neighbour the other day, a lovely lady who is into eco gardening as well, her dream is to one day come down early to her plot and cook and eat breakfast there. I hope she gets to do it and I get an invite.

I’ve just sowed my Sweetpeas into cardboard toilet roll inners and popped them into an empty ice cream carton.

Loo Roll Inners with seeds
Eco seed sowing
Sweetpeas in Loo Roll Inners 2
Sweetpea seeds sown in loo roll inners

More to add as soon as I can use up more loo roll (gulp).



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