My name is Lily and I’m a 9 year old lady ginger cat.

I like to keep busy and I have loads of hobbies and interests such as

Lily in hide


Ginger cat walking across top of curtains

Listening to music
Ginger cat listening to the radio

Water Divining
Lily playing06 (1)
I am quite house proud too and like to do laundry
I always like to read the labels on things when I go shopping
I am quite strict in the house and make sure there is plenty of discipline
Lily fighting with Rosie
But I do take time off to party hard
But I’m a PussyCat really

You leave your laptop open for 5 minutes and suddenly you have a cat blogging away on it! Is nothing sacred?
Linda xx

4 Thoughts on “Ginger Lily”

  • I had a beautiful ginger girl for 14 years, she was my beautiful Kitty,you can see her in past blogs. We were so in tune with each other more than any other cat I have shared my life with, it was excruciating when she had to go.
    Your Lilly reminds me so much of her. She's gorgeous.

  • Hi Lily! What a pretty and busy kitty you are, now I feel so lazy after seeing all you get done!

  • A crafting friend told me about your blog. I blog about my cats and live in USA. We belong to a group of cat bloggers called Cat Blogosphere – google us and check us out. We are also on Facebook too. Lots of great cat people and fun!

    cats of wildcat woods

  • What a brilliant idea! I know I'm going to enjoy reading cat blogs!!! Have just found the FB page and liked it!!

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