Way back in May I posted about finally getting the hang of a difficult (to me) crochet stitch. I knew it would take a while to complete my project and there were times where I seriously doubted that I’d finish it but here it is in all it’s finished glory!!


Crochet floral trellis jacket2


It is more of a jacket now than a cardi as I was a bit over eager with the length! I like the long length and when the weather turns a bit cooler I’ll be swaggering around in it. At the moment it’s too hot to swagger or do anything. I’m full of beans early in the morning these days, charging around like a mad thing but as the day gets hotter my energy gradually ebbs away to a full stop. I feel such a woose, I guess we Brits are not used to such high temperatures especially after such a freezing cold winter. In fact there times during the last winter that I thought I would never be warm again in this country and that I have to go and sit in the middle of the Sahara for a week to defrost my bones.


Crocheting doesn’t take much energy and is very portable, so I have been finding shady (as in cool, not dodgy) places to crochet some summer bunting and flowers and things for my Etsy shop


Blue White Orange Bunting5





More of my lovely roses have started blooming. This is a beautiful Gallica rose “Cardinal Richelieu”. It’s fast becoming my pride and joy!


Centifolia Rose09


Isn’t it beautiful? I’m out every day sniffing and admiring it.


Centifolia Rose01

I’ve decided to rename the stray tabby cat I’ve recently adopted. I had named him Ben but he mustn’t have liked that as he ignored every mention of it. So he is now “Tabikat” and he actually does come when called. He gets admired every day as well but not sniffed!





One final thing, please, please, please remember to put water out for your local wildlife. So many poor animals are ending up in wildlife sanctuaries severely dehydrated during this hot spell.




Linda xx

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