Over the last couple of years I’ve made dozens of crochet flowers to try out new patterns or yarn. When finished I’ve just put them into a bag and forgotten about them. I came across the bag a couple of weeks ago and in my drive to finish up ALL my projects before I start any more I decided to create my own everlasting, no more watering, always in bloom hanging basket and here it is!


Crochet flowers basket_1


I knitted a lining for it following Caroline Wilbor’s pattern on Ravelry. I then crocheted a brown circle for the top and stuffed the whole thing with toy filling.


A few hours were spent with an upholstery needle sewing on the flowers. I used my knitting mill to make the wibbly wobbly stems twining round around the hanging chains and sewed a few tiny flowers onto them.


Crochet flowers basket


It’s high enough to be out of the reach of the cats as they tend to swing around on anything that dangles!!


For those of you who are not into crochet here are some pics of a two legged mushroom I had for lunch yesterday!


Two legged mushroom


Two legged mushroom2




Linda xx

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