I love the natural world – everything from tiny little ants to the majestic Blue Whale. I hate what we humans are doing to this planet. This blog is hopefully a record of my journey to attain my very own nature reserve with wildlife pond. A sanctuary for birds, mammals and aquatic life and maybe a few rescue sheep, pussycats and a Border Collie added in for good measure!


I’m starting with basically nothing here, so each day I’ll try and save, be frugal, earn more money and increase my knowledge about creating a nature reserve. At the moment I live in a madhouse which I will call “Backs Green House”. It’s a council owned apartment block that I moved into last year. I wish to heck I’d known about some of the inmates residents here. We have a healthy mix comprising a Village Idiot, an Alcoholic who can put away a bottle of Bacardi faster than I can eat a chocolate Hobnob and a practising Narcissist who’s mission in life is to blame me for a lifetime of inadequacies. However when I look at the things they get up to, life around here is never boring and can be quite hilarious at times! More of that as time goes on!

Here endeth the first post!

Sláinte xxx

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