Here at Backs Green we have our very own resident Hoarder. He’s been here for a few years and when I moved in he presented me with little gifts mainly to do with cats as I told him I had brought my cat with me.

What I didn’t know was that the ‘gifts’ had been acquired from rubbish bins round the back of our local charity shops. Gulp! Several bus drivers along our route here have refused to let him on with his stinky trolley overflowing with ‘treasure’.

It might come in useful one day!

Things came to a head here when he was spotted on several occasions delving head first in our big black community bin here opening the black sacks and rummaging for more treasure. The Council eventually got wind of this and ordered him to leave our rubbish alone. Then they had an inspection of his flat and found it stuffed to the gills with rubbish. It was actually so bad that his visitors had to stand in the hall to talk to him. He had also sold his bed so he could get more stuff in and just went to sleep in an armchair every night.

The Council’s reaction to all this? They gave him a bigger flat! Honestly! So now he has more space to fill up and he’s currently very busy doing so. Every Thursday is rubbish collection day, but to him it’s like Christmas once a week. Loads of bins around the neighbourhood to be check prior to collection!

It’ll never be missed!

Such a shame, he really needed counselling not a bigger place. It’s like he himself has been swept under the carpet and forgotten about by the Powers that Be. And again the fun side of this is seeing what his latest treasures are. Lord knows how he is going to survive the current Coronavirus Pandemic!

Sláinte xxx

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