This is Eric the Squirrel who joins me every day for a cup of tea. Well I have the tea, Eric pilfers the wild bird seed in my home made bird feeder. I bought a big cup and saucer from a charity shop and drilled a hole through them and screwed them securely to the top of the fence post.
Eric in cup right
As you can see Eric’s got a great sense of balance. He’ll sit there quite happily for ages munching on seed and peanuts.
This is Eric looking around hidden peanuts amongst the seed.
Grey squirrel looking for food in teacup
It’s so entertaining watching him scamper along the fence to get to the tea table. I have a little chair outside just a few feet away from the fence and on sunny days we sit out there together, Eric munching and me writing or crafting. Companionable silence ensues.
You might wonder why he’s named Eric. I originally named him after an boss I had years ago (all take and no give) but as Eric has given me so much entertainment, he’s now just Eric in his own right!
Grey squirrel perched on teacup
Love from me ….and Eric xxxx

One Thought on “Introducing Eric”

  • We once had a squirrel who came into the kitchen to get nuts. Our 2 cats were so old they used to just sit and watch, I have a picture somewhere, I ought to post it.

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