I am trying to convince myself that it’ll be Spring soon. I am thinking back to last Spring when I worked at a wildlife hospital looking after anything and everything that came through it’s doors.

I have to say my favourite little creature was the Magpie. Somebody brought in a nest of little birds, they were so tiny and ugly, but they had loads of personality. They would be quiet as you approached their cage but once they saw you they would all chirp and stretch their little necks up to be fed. We fed them little chunks of wet cat food about every 30mins at the beginning. As they gained more strength they would take turns to hop on your hand to be fed. They were very messy little things and it would take ages to clean out their cage, but worthwhile to see them warm and safe.

Eventually when they were old enough they progressed on to the outside aviary to get flying practice in and stretch their wings. By now they were feeding themselves but when you went into see them they would revert to helpless little bird mode and jump around to be fed as you can see below

Maggie Big Mouth

Every single one from that nest fledged and although it was sad to see my ‘babies’ go it was great to see these brave little things become gorgeous independent adults

Bird Hand 

We also had more than our fair share of baby hedgehogs to look after. They were wriggly little things and getting a pipette of liquidised food into them was a full time job. More food went over their little faces than actually down their throats! But again, wonderful to see them grow up fit and healthy.

Baby Hedgehog

I have the pipettes and towels at the ready now for this year’s intake!

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