Thought I would go wildflower hunting at the RSPB this morning as the weather was glorious – lovely light, low Spring sun, just gorgeous. Got to the other side of the Downs and I couldn’t see 20 feet in front of me! Thick pea souper of a fog, real Jack the Ripper stuff. Forged ahead anyway as I had promised myself a pot of tea in the cafe as a treat.

Lovely trees appear really creepy in fog

Tree in fog

AS did this quaint village church. I’ve photographed this church before with blue skies and bright flowers. What a difference the mist makes

Old village church in fog

These branches look like they are coming to get you, they wouldn’t look out of place in a Harry Potter film!

Creepy tree branches

The remnants of last Autumn

Old Puffball Fungi

This is going to be a highly desirable residence once the birds start nest building

Bird nest boxes on tree

and this is going to be a popular place to have a sit down once the warmer weather comes along. I might actually record this scene through all the seasons over the next year

Winter seat

And just to brighten this post here is a clutch bag that I’ve just finished making!

Pretty vintage rose clutch bag

Linda xx

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