Daisy’s decision to include a fisticuffs picture must have set something off in cyberspace as my agency has just sold my other cat fight image. It’s of Lily attempting to evict little Rosie from her Santa Hat.

Lily fighting with Rosie

It sold to a German magazine, goodness knows what it is being used to illustrate! Actually thinking about it Lily is almost as naughty as Daisy. These are a few images of Lily ‘caught red pawed’.

Ginger Cat playing with tinsel
Partying hard at Christmas

Swinging on the washing

Ginger cat walking across top of curtains
Practicing to become a tightrope walker

Hogging the catnip

Change of subject, the temperatures are gradually rising and I’m hoping for some nice Spring images. These are a couple from last year.

Cherry Blossom
Fresh pink Cherry Blossom in Spring. UK

I’m obsessed with crocheting flowers at the moment – must be a subconscious way of wishing for Spring. I’ve just found a lovely black button which I’m going to use for the centre of a crochet Poppy. This is my inspiration image.

Oriental Poppy Royal Wedding

It’s Papaver ‘Royal Wedding’. It never fails to bloom each year, no matter how harsh the winter. If I like what I come up with I’ll put a few in my shop. I’m off now in search of a pretty colour of cotton.

Sláinte and Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of us of a Celtic lineage

Linda xx

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