I went to my favourite public gardens today to have a look at their Hellebore displays. There were massive clumps of them all around in the herbaceous borders. It’s a bit of a rigmarole getting a decent picture of them as their flowers tend to look down at the ground and you have to get on your hands and knees to look up at them! In fact most of the flowers out today were very close to the ground and I spent a lot of time down there with them this morning.

Hellebore flower

Spring 201264

A chorus line of Hellebores

Spring 201253


Growing in ascending order!

Spring 201254

Then I had a bit of a crawl around and found these Snowdrops. All the other plants had straight leaves but these seemed to have a bit of a swirl about them

Spring 201242

Vibrant colour with these Crocuses

Spring 201210

Standing up (eventually) produced these

Spring 201224

Spring 201226

and the sun filtering through the peeling bark of the Paperbark Maple

Spring 201247

When I see scenes like these, for me the countdown to Spring blooms and gorgeous light has started!

L xx

2 Thoughts on “The Hardy Hellebore”

  • I wonder is that a silver birch?
    I just love the bark on the silver birch trees, the way it peels and the beautiful colours.
    Great photos

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