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Knitting for my Allotment

Knitting for my Allotment

Every so often I open my cupboard door, gaze in wonder at the craft stash contained therein and then close it shaking my head and wondering how it got so bad. A while back when I was doing this my eye fell on my knitting mill. I picked it out and sat down and had a bit of a think on how to use it – I’ve done all the usual things with it like make a coaster or embellish a sweater.

Knitting Mill

It came to me – why not use it to make garden ties? They would be strong enough to hold up even big shrubs (you could plait 3 together to make a super tie), there is enough elasticity in them so they won’t harm the plant and you could make them in green tones to blend in or go for a riot of rainbow colours to cheer up a bland winter garden.

A Tie in the Making

They’ve been such a success that I’m now starting to knit a load for staking up plants on my allotment and maybe I can pass a few on to other allotment holders. It’s a great way to use up oddments of yarn and they last for ages. If you’ve got kids maybe you can get them crafting ties as well.


A Pile and a Smile

Daisy wasn’t available to pose this morning as she had a full diary, so here is little Poppy on her own looking cute in her sleep.

Poppy looking cute

L xx