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Did I mention that as well as aiming to create a weird and wonderful allotment 2017 is also for me a “Buy Nothing But Experiences Year”. I’ve been reading loads of blogs of people who’ve successfully completed one of these years (spookily they’re usually women!).

My own self-imposed rules are –

Buy no stuff and that means clothes, books, sewing machines or 600mm prime camera lenses or Lear jets (new or secondhand).
Food is OK as without it I probably would not make it to February. I’m including coffees out as I like to write and eavesdrop in cafes.
Utilities and household running costs
No make-up, perfumes, lotions etc (I’m prepared to take the risk of scaring small children)
Experiences are allowed – I belong to a small group of friends who call ourselves The Extreme Day Trippers Club. We see how far we can get across Europe on a day return flight – we did Nice in the South of France in October and last month we got as far as Valencia in Spain (more on this in a future post).
Small experiences figure too like going to the local Seed Swap in February, attending a brilliant U3A Creative Writing course and I’m on the waiting list for a Beginners’ Watercolours Class.
I’m also not allowed to spend anything on my allotment as you’ve probably guessed.
Well, that little lot should keep me off the streets for a while.

Valencia – Christmas Decorations

I had a nice no spend thing at the weekend. I bitterly regret getting rid of my acoustic guitar a while back so I took a chance and asked for one on my local Freecycle network and lo and behold a lovely lady answered and I have a beautiful new guitar!

My “New” Guitar

This is a pic of a little Fox cleaning up the remains left from Scavenger Cam on Simon King’s Wild Meadows nature reserve. Nothing is wasted here. Also a couple of Badgers on – you guessed it – Badger Cam!

Cleaning Up!


Badger Night


L xx

In the Beginning………

In the Beginning………

…….of this blog I will be writing about progress on my new allotment. I finally got to the top of the 2 year waiting list for one and now I have the pleasure of weeding and pruning and removing a load of rubbish!
I took these pictures on the day I signed for it.

My rubbish shed!
Apple Trees in need of TLC
Apple Trees in need of TLC


View of the whole plot
View of the whole plot

I plan to grow a lot of Sweetpeas and if I can get permission I’d like a couple of beehives on it as well.

I’ve got a few other interests to keep me going when the weather is too grotty for working on it – they are briefly

  • Border Collies
  • Cats
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • British Wildlife
  • Learning to Scuba Dive
  • Diving with Sharks
  • A love of Oceanic Wildlife
  • Humour
  • Dr Who
  • White Chocolate
  • Machine embroidery
  • Figuring out how to customize WordPress
  • Egyptology
  • …..and last but not least, a good drop of Bushmills Whiskey!

I reckon that should keep me off the streets for a while!


L xx