I still can’t quite believe it. I’m sitting writing this blog post in my little flat. I’m looking out my living room window on to a huge duck pond with loads of Mallard Ducks snoozing on the surrounding grass with beautiful old Weeping Willow trees providing shade from the afternoon sun. There is a family of Grey Squirrels that sit in the branches and stare in the window at me. There is also a Moorhen on the pond, visiting Jays, Starlings, Gulls, Blackbirds and a Green Woodpecker. Sheer bliss.

I got off my arse a while back and contacted the social services with regard to my imminent homelessness. I think I must have got the best case worker in the UK as he worked tirelessly to get me on to the Housing Register and rehoused. I was eventually offered a little studio flat in a sheltered accommodation block. It was built in the sixties and is now a bit frayed around the edges but I have security and the best neighbours. Everyone has made me welcome and has given me a hand getting heavy stuff moved in. On sunny days we sit out in a little patio area watch the wildlife and put the world to rights.

Sadly Poppy didn’t make it. Two days before I was due to move in we discovered she had a serious kidney condition and her body was gradually shutting down, so I had to make that awful decision that I’ve had to make before down the years and say goodbye to my darling. I was in bits and with the trauma of moving and the executors still bullying me I stopped wearing mascara as I was constantly in tears.

Me with Poppy-small
Me and my darling Poppy

However my lovely friend who runs a local animal sanctuary had a little old boy cat who had been cruelly treated by his previous owners and needed a home where he could spend the rest of his days in comfort. Fait accompli! Meet Uno!


We are bonding and at night he creeps on to the bed and uses me as his pillow. He could eat for England and every time I go into my little kitchen he’s there as he thinks I go there to feed him!

As I mentioned before the executors of dear Rae’s will continued to threaten and harass me even after I told them I was moving. At one point they wanted me to know they were going to sue me for £2k Yes, really! How they can treat a  grieving partner like that is beyond me. My old neighbours tell me they have now changed the locks. More unnecessary spending of Rae’s money. BTW the house still hasn’t sold and that’s after reducing the price by £35k. I believe in Karma.  Just as a heads up if you live in Staines, Middlesex so do they!

This is a family of ducks that were out and about the other day.

Day out with the kids
Day out with the Kids

And this is the Chief Squirrel around here.

grey squirrel square
Chief Squirrel

I miss my family of Seagulls that used to come and stand on my old balcony waiting for food and Hockney the Hedgehog who had his own house that I used to leave mealworms in for him every evening. I was worried about him as there would be nobody there to look out for him, so one day I moved him while he was still fast asleep in his house to the other side of the fence in my neighbour’s garden. David promised to take over from me and make sure he gets fed etc. I know he’ll keep his promise as he already feeds most of the wildlife in the area already!

So now I have time and peace to grieve and slowly rebuild my life free from harassment and uncertainty. Uno and I are busy planning adventures for us both which we will document here. And all of those New Year Resolutions? Yes they are still alive and kicking!


Linda xxxxx

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