Little Packets of Hope

Little Packets of Hope

A couple of posts ago I was wittering on about a Seed Exchange event at the weekend. Well, I gathered up 8 packets of my seeds to exchange and took them along and came home with these instead.

Little packets of hope

I’ve never grown any of these so it should be an interesting learning curve. These are a few of the seeds that were available. If you didn’t have any to swap, you could choose what you wanted and leave a donation. Very generous system.

Seeds on offer

Some general pics – I did like the Seed Swap signs – very clever.



And then there was the food! All beautifully laid out in the little pop-up cafe. I could have spent the afternoon there stuffing my face, but I controlled my cravings and went for a coffee and a raspberry and white chocolate cookie instead.

Organic Temptations
More Organic Temptations!

The Seed Swap people were also giving away old copies of Organic Gardening magazines so I helped myself to this little lot.


Organic Way Magazines

So, £2 to get in, £2.50 for eats – total of £4.50 spend and I’m putting that all down to a very nice experience and chats with some very knowledgeable people. A lovely way to spend an afternoon in Winter.


L xx

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