You will be ‘conned’ by your kitten time and time again
Knitting and kittens do not mix

Pansy kitten playing with wool
Kittens are faster than the speed of light
Never wear beads
If things go quiet then it’s time to worry
Kittens can hide in very small places
Sofas make great scratching posts
Kittens love to help with pruning your houseplants
Pansy kitten playing with plant
Curtains are more fun to climb than ladders
Always carry tissues as you will be laughing a lot
Linda xx

2 Thoughts on “Ten things to remember when you adopt a kitten”

  • Can I add another….don't wear dangly earrings, I found that out when we were coping with 5 kittens, but so much fun and I only wish we could do it all over again….

  • It's a long time since I've had a tiny kitten around, but I remember how much fun it is. My favorite thing is when they get a little startled by something and jump sideways!

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