For a couple of hours I did break my addiction to crocheting motifs and I crocheted a little polar bear instead. This is a pic of Parky at home in the Arctic

Polar Bear2

I have to admit it was fun putting him together; when you’ve got bodies, heads and limbs lying all over the coffee table it’s sometimes hard to imagine that a little person is going to be born from all of that. I’ve never crocheted a toy before and all thanks to the lovely lady at Yellow Pink and Sparkly for the pattern.

I’m off to have a look at Freeform Crochet now!

L xx

2 Thoughts on “Cool Bear”

  • Thanks for the comment on the tatting, this is my first attempts at it, I bought a book and now I'm hooked,(or should I say needled) lol

    I see you are going to have a go at freeform crochet, this is my favourite kind of crochet, I have one of my bits on my flikr, I also sometimes incorporate a bit of knitting.
    I like the way that you need only do a little bit and then change colour and stitch. I wish I had more time to do everything, theres so much I want to do.
    Keep warm

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