These are the lovely fabrics I bought at the Curtain Factory Outlet in London.


I had despaired of finding a curtain fabric retailer at reasonable prices. Went there a couple of Sundays ago on a recommendation from a lady over at The Sewing Forum. I didn’t really expect much, but when I got there I found this HUGE warehouse jam packed with fabric. I was like a kid in a sweetshop, which ones do I buy? So much choice. You could have locked me in there for days and I would still have been happy. Classic, vintage, modern – it was all there.

Eventually decided on the sequinned fabrics and the Scottie Dog and Vintage Rose ones. (I found the Scottie Dog fabric a couple of days later on sale in my local fabric shop for £5 more a metre!)

Scottie Dog Fabric

The staff there were all very helpful and carried the heavy bolts to the cutting table for me.

Sequin Fabric

The icing on the cupcake is that there is a Waitrose next door with a big free car park. So parking isn’t a problem and you can spend the money you save on a nice bottle of wine or probably a couple of weeks’ groceries!!

I love finding places like this, it just makes crafting spends a bit more reasonable and at the same time giving you a bigger and better choice and that elusive and excellent customer service. I should point out I’m not related to anyone there and they didn’t pay me to write this either with money or fabric!!

And this is Jasmine asleep but not asleep!

Jasmine snooze

L xx

2 Thoughts on “Fabric Find”

  • Stunning fabrics! Especially I love the Scottie Dogs – what will you be making with them?

    Jasmine is stunning as well. It's a lovely blog you've got here altogether, but now I must go follow the link to Curtain Factory Outlet…

  • Thanks! I'm going to make some frame clutch bags and tote bags with the prints and I'm still thinking about the sequinned fabric! Sometimes with me and fabric it's "Buy first, think what to make second!"

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