…..crocheting motifs!  I’ve recently taken up the crochet hook again and have been crocheting motifs as a form of refresher course. The lovely thing about crochet is that it can be such a portable craft. I just pop a ball of yarn, hook and a couple of A4 sheets of patterns into a spare makeup bag and put it in my bag and voila I’ve got something to do while having a coffee out, taking a rest on a country walk or waiting in a long queue at the post office. Actually I’ve never done the last one, but I do have the equipment should I feel the urge. I am trying to wean myself off the motif kick and a little crocheted polar bear is gradually beginning to see the light of day. Will post  a pic when he is fully formed. In the meantime a mug shot of my motifs!
 Forgot to say I like beads as well!

L xx

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