I shot a short video from my kitchen window of the wildlife that came to the birdfeeder during the snowfall yesterday. Ignore background noise at the beginning, that’s my breadmaker having a bit of a churn around. My favourite bits are of the plucky little chaffinch who was ready to take on the big birds!

Wildlife at my birdfeeder in the snow

Britain sort of falls to pieces when snowy weather sets in. Schools shut down, gritter lorries become very popular and suddenly I’m missing my lovely postman. In our road which is on a hill the challenge is to get to the end without hitting the hedge at the bottom. I successfully completed the challenge today and managed to get out to the shops for some emergency chocolate.

There is more snow forecast for tomorrow. Apparently we are getting some very nice snow from France and the French are being generous as they are supposedly sending us loads of it. If I don’t attempt the hedge challenge tomorrow I’ll be staying in and trying to make a dent in my stash. I’ve got an embroidery project on the go at the moment featuring a cat design (unusual for me I know) and I’ve also just got a tea cosy commission so I’ll be working on that as well. I’m a born multi-tasker or it could be A.A.D.D.

Linda xx

6 Thoughts on “Birdies in the Snow”

  • I popped over from meanqueens blog. The teacup bird table was what made me curious. I loved it when the wood pigeon came in from the side. Made me laugh.

  • Nice to meet you Chrystal. I looked back at some of your posts and wanted to say that I am sorry to hear about the loss of Rosie. What a masterpiece of a cat she was. Such a beauty. I'm so sorry that she left so soon. Your photos are wonderful and I look forward to seeing lots of your cats. Deb

  • Thanks Maggie. A while after I put it up my neighbour informed me that the design was the same one as the dinner set he got for his wedding many years ago!

    Linda xx

  • I love the way the wood pigeon came into view, he made me a smile :o)
    I put food out for the birds but the only visitor has been a squirrel :o(

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