That’s how long it took for a bag of carrots and a packet of Polo mints to disappear.
I took a little trip back up to Paws Animal Sanctuary to see how the abandoned pony was doing. It was dumped last Sunday in Findon village. If you follow the link above to Paws Facebook page you’ll get the full story.
What a difference a week makes. Thanks to the intensive love and care he’s been given he looks an altogether different pony from the one I saw last week. He’s been named Elvis by the way!

Elvis pony4a

Elvis has a lot of eating to catch up on

Little pony feeding
Little pony
Little pony
I can actually see his lovely big eyes now.
Elvis got just a few carrots, they have to be careful with his feed as suddenly going from not having anything to eat to big meals can do a lot of harm.
The rest of the carrots and a packet of Polo mints got shared out amongst these reprobates!

Princess Snowdrop

Miniature Horse
Miniature Horse portrait


Jasper the donkey
Jasper the donkey
Jasper the donkey portrait

and Pixie


Stacey who runs PAWS (along with Sheila) with Princess Snowdrop and Jasper

Stacey, Jasper and Princess Snowdrop
Stacey and Princess Snowdrop
And not forgetting the rescue chickens who become your new best friend when they spot you eating cake.
Rescued Chicken
Rescued Chicken

Linda xx

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