I took myself off to West Dean Gardens to cheer myself up after Frisco’s passing. I always make for their fabulous greenhouses they always have wonderful things to look at.  This greenhouse has a beautiful cherry tree in bloom


Greenhouse Cherry Blossom1-small

Greenhouse Cherry Blossom5-small

In the tropical greenhouse I found the most perfect Coleus I’ve ever seen

Perfect red Coleus-small

Deep red Sedum rosettes


Weird orange flower

Orange flower-small

An espalier Fuchsia!!

Espalier Fuchsia2-small

Espalier Fuchsia1-small


Grape Hyacinths

Grape Hyacinth-small

And of course I found the resident pussycat!! We had a good ten minutes of chin tickling and ear scratching!

West Dean Black Cat4-small


Some little lambs with their mums Look at the waggling tail of the little lamb towards the end! They are a bit far away so you might need a magnifying glass!

Lambs at West Dean Gardens, West Sussex


Linda xx


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