My friend Claire has just given me an old fish tank she had no further use for, and being the lovely person she is she also bought me two Goldfish that I promptly christened Eric and Ernie.


Eric and Ernie55


Ernie is on the left and Eric is on the right. You can tell them apart as Eric has orange ‘lipstick’. Maybe I should have called him Erica!


Eric and Ernie48


They are absolutely adorable, they do everything together. In fact it was hard to get a picture of each one on its own.








Eric and Ernie53


My cats were fascinated by them for approximately 5 minutes. Then realising they couldn’t get to them to give them a proper poke with the paw they lost interest in them. They are more fascinated with the bubbles coming from the airstone. The last time I had fish was when I was 12 and like most kids they were won at the local fete.

I’m growing more fond of Eric and Ernie every day, such lovely little characters. They are learning not to be scared of human fingers in the water as it usually means they are bringing food. Anyway they certainly bring me sunshine!!



Linda xxx

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