This week I went for a couple of circuits of Cissbury Ring, an ancient Iron Age Hill Fort near Findon in Sussex.
Cissbury Ring 008small

I don’t go very often, but when I do I tell myself off for not going more! It’s very popular with dog walkers, so I get to pat quite a few! Today I met a couple walking 4 Collie dogs. As you know from a previous post Collies are my fav breed. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!! There are two circular paths, one at the top which is narrow and chalky but has brilliant views over the Downs and a lower wider grassy one with loads of wildflowers and tweeters in bushes.

The banks and ditches which you see are are the remains of a vast defensive wall. It’s approximately one mile around taking the top path.

Cissbury Ring10-small

Cissbury Ring 014small
A welcome sight if you are still knackered from the climb up!

It’s great to imagine Neolithic tribes living here and mining the flint for their axes and arrowheads. Examples of Cissbury Flint have been found as far away as the Eastern Mediterranean. I sometimes think I must be walking the same paths as these ancients. I wonder what they would make of how it looks today.

Cissbury Bird-small
Bird’s Eye View

Part of the surrounding area is farmland and you never know what you are going to find!!

Woodland Creatures1-small
Woodland Creatures!!

Woodland Creatures3-small

I’ll be taking my big camera up to see if I can get some shots of the famous round headed Rampion “Pride of Sussex”

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Can’t wait!


Linda xxxx

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