Thought I’d unchain myself from the craft room and get a bit of fresh air. I love going round the local RSPB reserve, a lovely walk and they do a cracking cuppa in their cafe.
A really misty murky day but loads of birds to be seen. Caught a glimpse of a Jay and a Green Woodpecker. It was just a glimpse as they are fast little bu**ers. Mind you I did get a few shots around the reserve

Autmn arch

Nobbly Lichen

Winter Bracken

There weren’t that many other walkers around, probably about half a dozen. However I did have some company for part of my walk in the form of a herd of deer. I swear they were following me, but trying to look inconspicuous at the same time. I was taking a picture of some red leaves, finished and looked back along the path to see a queue of deer waiting to jump a fence into the next field. I have never seen deer jumping fences, fantastic to watch. As I only had my 50mm lens with me It would have been a bit optimistic to think I could get a decent pic of them. But sometimes you just have to press the button anyway!

Deer Jump

Deer Jump2a

Betcha when I go back with a long lens they’ll be nowhere to be found!!!

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