I can’t believe I’m writing this so soon after Frisco’s passing.


fluffy grey and white domestic cat


This is Jasmine or Jazzy for short. She was diagnosed with several tumours today and sadly I had to once again make the decision to let go a much loved pussycat. Jazzy would have been 14 next month. She was a rescue kitten.


fluffy grey and white domestic cat


Oddly enough she was the only cat that I didn’t choose for myself. I had rung the local cat rescue shelter and asked if they had any kittens and the lady described Jasmine. The next day she brought round this adorable fluffy kitten who sat so quietly in her cat basket while I signed the adoption papers. I don’t think Carol had driven even to the end of my road when this ‘adorable’ kitten was straight out of the cat basket and up the net curtains.  Swinging on the curtains was to remain a hobby of hers until she got too heavy for them.


Jazzy playing with toy mouse




She loved her toys and over the years she ‘killed’ quite a few over and over again.


Grey and white longhaired adult female cat grooming


As you can see from the pictures she was a very pretty cat and she loved to take care of herself. I was always snapping pics of her. The one above was used in the book How to Have a Happy Cat (page 78). She was paid in tuna. In fact she was the ultimate happy cat, no trouble, interested in everything.


Grey and white fluffy cat


Meerkat impersonating was her party piece.




She loved Christmas and was always devising ways of getting the tree to part with its ornaments. She had a bit of a soft spot for Daisy my Tortie and always let Daisy have a share of any treats that she had.




As she got older, sitting in the sun by the front step became her favourite occupation. It is going to be so weird not to have to step over her anymore.


Fluffy domestic cat lying down with paw over her head


Rest in peace my brave little girl xxxxxxx

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